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How it works

Website Speed Tests are executed with real web browsers. Results represent the end-user experience.
We use cloud instances with latest browsers installed in order to load test the websites.

Website Speed Result + Performance Insights

WebPage Load Time

Tests run with real browsers, so real detailed optimization recommendations and speed insights are displayed.

Easily re-run speed tests and compare all page load metrics.
We keep all your website speed test results for you to better compare between different speed runs.

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Network Throttling

Test how your pages load in different network conditions GPRS, 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi and others.

Make your site look great and load fast on any device.

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Performance Website Grade + Insights

We display speed improvements based on best practices for usability and optimization.

Inspect and optimize the performance of your website.

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Page Load Time Breakdown

Dynamically generated time line of all the page load events that occurred in navigating to this page and loading its content.

View historic results and check evolution of all page load events.

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Resources and Requests Distribution

Overview of all resources (JS, CSS, Images, HTML etc) loaded on your web pages.

Resource distribution with complete URL path and duration for each asset

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